Be Prepared: High winds

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Preparing for high winds

  • Secure or store loose objects outside that could blow into
  • Close and fasten doors and windows
  • Park vehicles in a garage or well away from trees, buildings and walls.


During high winds

  • Stay indoors as much as possible – do NOT go outside to repair damage whilst the storm is in
  • Find shelter in a substantial, permanent, enclosed
  • Slow down if driving on exposed routes, such as over bridges, and find alternative routes if Take particular care of side winds if driving a high-sided vehicle or if you are towing another vehicle or container.
  • Do NOT touch electrical or phone cables that have been blown down or are still
  • Make sure loose objects outside that could cause damage if blown around e.g. wheely bins, trampolines are secure or stored away.

Are you Ready?

The ‘Are you ready’  booklet brings together advice from various organisation to help you and your family take simple steps to reduce risk, prepare for and respond to emergencies such as fire, flood and loss of power.