What is the Local Resilience Forum?

This website and our twitter account (@Glos_Prepared) twitter account are ran by Gloucestershire Local Resilience forum – more commonly referred to as the Gloucestershire LRF.

Local Resilience Forums, like Gloucestershire LRF, exist to plan and prepare for localised incidents and emergencies. We work to identify potential risks and produce emergency plans to either prevent or mitigate the impact of any incident on their local communities.

Gloucestershire LRF is a multi-agency partnerships made up of representatives from the emergency services, local authorities, the NHS, the Environment Agency and others. These agencies are known as Category 1 Responders, as defined by the Civil Contingencies Act.

Gloucestershire LRF is also supported by organisations, known as Category 2 responders, such as the Highways Agency and public utility companies. They have a responsibility to co-operate with Category 1 organisations and to share relevant information with the LRF. The geographical area the forums cover is based on police areas.

We also work with other partners in the military and voluntary sectors.

In Gloucestershire, the area covered by the Gloucestershire LRF is the same as that policed by Gloucestershire Constabulary, based on the county’s political boundaries.

The Gloucestershire LRF Chaired by Chief Constable Rod Hansen.