Be Prepared: Fire

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  • Reduce fire hazards in your home- contact your local fire service for more information or to book a free home Safe and Well visit contact 0800 1804140
  • Fit and maintain smoke alarms- at least one on every floor (test your smoke alarms at least monthly).

  • Plan an escape route – make sure everyone in your house knows the Practise it and turn it in to a game for children.
  • Do not overload electricity
  • If there is a fire, get out, stay out and call 999 and follow the advice of the Fire
  • If you are moving or trapped in smoke, stay close to the floor
  • Make a bedtime check – close doors, unplug electrical devices and keep keys where you can find them
  • Never re-enter your home until the Fire and Rescue Service has made it safe

Are you Ready?

The ‘Are you ready’  booklet brings together advice from various organisation to help you and your family take simple steps to reduce risk, prepare for and respond to emergencies such as fire, flood and loss of power.