Be Prepared: Building evacuation

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If the emergency services tell you to evacuate your home you should do so. Refusing to leave on their advice will put you, your household and those trying to help you at risk.

Local authority resources may be limited and you should try to stay with an emergency friend. If you are stranded, however, the council will provide basic accommodation (in a rest centre). If you are evacuated this may be for some time (ranging from a few hours to several months), so you should bring the relevant items identified in the emergency “grab bag” list.

Remember to take with you any essential / prescribed medication and asthma/ respiratory aids.

If you have pets you should have a plan for where they can stay in the event that you are evacuated from your home. There will only be very basic facilities for pets in the rest centre.

The people who run rest centres are trained to give you support and advice. They will help you through the stress of an evacuation and prepare you for what to do afterwards.

Are you Ready?

The ‘Are you ready’  booklet brings together advice from various organisation to help you and your family take simple steps to reduce risk, prepare for and respond to emergencies such as fire, flood and loss of power.