COVID19 Resources & Advice

Organisations from across the LRF are continuing to work together on the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as focusing on plans to help the residents, businesses and communities across Gloucestershire to recover from the wider effects of the pandemic.

Gloucestershire’s LRF Covid-19 includes representation from local authorities, healthcare providers and emergency services that jointly develop a combined response to the current rapidly evolving situation.

Through the LRF Strategic Coordinating Group (SCG), Gloucestershire councils, health organisations, police, ambulance service, along with the military and many other partners are pooling skills, resources and funding to ensure the county is well prepared and supported throughout the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. 

Each organisation is making decisions every day, balancing the need to maintain essential services and support those most affected. The group provides a direct link for us into Government departments such as Public Health England. This allows us to share what is happening locally with those who are making decisions at the very highest level.

Information and advice

We want our local communities to receive the best possible service during these challenging times.

Local authorities are the central point for information relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please refer to their official communication channels for accurate local information and updates:

National guidance, updates and information can be obtained at